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 Pelinovo Tours - Boat tours on Lake Skadar

Vranjina the island and a unique village in the Lake Skadar. Vranjina island is connected to the mainland by a bridge.

Monastery Vranjina is well known feature of the island. In 1843 Turks have ruined the monastery turning it into a fortress. King Nikola once again renewed that monastery in 1886, but the tracks of the old monastery have not been preserved. 1998 the monastery is being repaired and renovated again.

Vranjina village is also known like a Montenegrin Venice, because of its natural setting and specific atmosphere. In Vranjina, fishing is very popular spot. Also, you will find couple of great restaurants located on the – or near the island.

Vranjina is MUST VISIT place, but due to the many attractions nearby, longer retention of tourists is not common.