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 Pelinovo Tours - Boat tours on Lake Skadar

Lake Skadar

On the shore of the lake is a small town - Rijeka Crnojevica.

About lake

Skadar Lake is the largest lake in the Balkan Peninsula with a surface area that seasonally fluctuates between 370 km2 (140 sq mi) to 530 km2 (200 sq mi). Skadar Lake itself is located on the western Balkan with approximately two-third (229 km2 (88 sq mi)) of its surface belonging to Montenegro and about one-third (142 km2 (55 sq mi)) to Albania. The lake’s water level also varies seasonally from 4.7 to 9.8 m above sea level. The lake extends in the NW-SE direction, and it is approximately 44 km long.

The Bojana River connects the lake with the Adriatic Sea, and the Drin River provides a link with the Ohrid Lake. The lake is a cryptodepression, filled by the river Morača and drained into the Adriatic by the 41 km (25 mi) long Bojana (Albanian: Buna), which forms the international border on the lower half of its length. The largest inflow is from the Morača, which provides about 62% of the lake’s water. Total drainage area is 5490 km2.

There are additionally some fresh water sources at the lake bottom. A characteristic feature of Lake Skadar’s water balance is the high inflow from a number of temporary and permanent karstic springs, some of which are sublacustrine in cryptodepressians (so called ‘oko’).The Southern and southwestern sides of the lake are rocky, barren and steep, having bays in which the sublacustrine springs, are usually to be found. On the northern side there is an enormous inundated area, the boundaries of which change as water levels fluctuate.

Some small islands like Beška, with two churches on it and Grmožur, a former fortress and prison can be found on the southwest side of the lake.


Basic info

Area: 40.000ha
Coastline: 168 km
Altitude: 5 masl
Depth: Average depth is 5 m

Status: National Park since 1983. IBA status (area of international importance for birds) since 1989, and since 1995 is registered on the List of Wetlands of International Importance - Ramsar list.

The territory of municipalities: Podgorica, Bar and Cetinje

Seat of administration: Vranjina

Area: 40.000ha

Area Lakes: Summer water level - 370 km 2 ; the water level in the winter season - 540 km 2 ; surfaces at an average level of water - 475 km 2

Coastline: 168 km; 110.5 km in Montenegro and 57.5 km in Albania

Places / Locations

VirpazarThe biggest populated settlement on the lake, administrative and tourist centre.
Rijeka Crnojevica
Rijeka CrnojevicaHistoric place at the foot of Obod, in beautiful surroundings.
KarucSmall fisherman settlement above which rests the winter home of St Peter of Cetinje.
Pavlova strana
Pavlova stranaPavlova Strana is one of the most photographed places in Montenegro.
Railway bridge
Railway bridgeThe bridge and causeway across the lake combine Vranjina - the largest island - to the mainland.
VranjinaOne of the oldest fisherman villages on the lake also known as “Little Venice”.